Sarah Crawford Handcrafted

Qi Collection


Qi: Pure Life Force: Our auras are colored by our personal strength and weakness, our health, our mood, our love and our spirituality.  An energy imbalance can cause fatigue, disease, and sap enthusiasm, but you can boost a weakened aura in a number of different ways; color therapy, gem stone therapy and aroma therapy.  Our Qi Collection brings these therapies together into one beautiful and flexible jewelry line.  Let your intuition guide you.  What color are you attracted to?  You are able to purchase one, two or three strands of the sets shown, integrating color and gem stones, depending on your desire.  Also available to purchase are our matching lava bracelets and Doterra essential oils.  Lava beads are porous and hold essential oils which further strengthens your energies, stimulate creativity, provides focus, and calm anxiety and fear.